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Food Optimization = Business Optimization

Product Development  |  Food R+D

FIELDS OF GOLD CONSULTING provides highly efficient, well designed, and economical solutions to R&D challenges in the food and beverage categories, whether they are for completely new opportunities or for existing products.


The firm was started in 2010 by Steve Leusner, following his successful and richly diversified career within the CPG industry that spans a unique platform of R&D, engineering and venturing roles.


Fields of Gold uniquely understands the business challenges entrepreneurs and corporate innovation teams face with the development of new concepts and products. During Steve’s tenure with General Mills, he spent three years with Sherbrooke Capital assessing potential investment or acquisition opportunities on behalf of the company, from a scientific perspective. This experience provided him invaluable, deep experience and insight into how successful products are created, nurtured and eventually sold.


Fields of Gold brings that unique experience, network, and insight to all of its engagements in a way that clearly distinguishes it from firms that are solely preoccupied with scientific process, detached from other considerations. 

Examples of Engagements

Start–up of an international RTE cereal coating operation

Development of complete products for several healthy beverage concepts

Bioavailability /microstructure determination of materials in pet products

Resolution of mixing and stability issues in natural bake mixes

Resolution of mixing issues in beverage dry mixes, and dessert dry mixes

Copies of bread, brownie, and cookie mixes

Reduction of sugar in baked goods

Reduction of sugar in bagels while maintaining taste

Development of a complete line of natural instant puddings and gelatin desserts

Development of value-added animal feeds

Assessment of new baking ingredient for suitability in bread

Liquor clarity

Alcoholic beverage natural color stability optimization

Agglomeration of materials

Flavored coffee creamers

Novel snacks

RTE pudding flavor improvement 

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