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About Steve

STEVE LEUSNER earned his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Rutgers University and his MS in Organic Chemistry from the University of Maryland. He began his career at General Foods, focusing on starch chemical modification, spray drying, Jell-O® desserts, POST® Cereals, Cool Whip®, Dream Whip®, Calumet® Baking Powder, TQM (Total Quality Management), and Desserts Development.


After 17 years, Steve joined General Mills, where he held leadership roles in many different arenas, including: sugar coatings, wheat sourcing, flake curl control, iron bioavailability, flake processing, teaching /training, TRIZ problem solving, extrusion, calcium delivery in cereals, satiety, Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition studies, thermal analysis, DMA, and bakery flours.


During his time at General Mills, Steve founded the General Mills Technical Conference, a leading international conference on collaboration and innovation that has been held every year since its launch in1997.


Steve then spent three years with Sherbrooke Capital reviewing deals in the health/wellness space that were under consideration for investment and/or acquisition by General Mills.


Following his tenure at Sherbrooke Capital, Steve then spent six years at Ottens Flavors, where he developed and commercialized several new flavor delivery systems for improved bake stability and beverage solubility. Steve revamped the spray drying procedures that resulted in up to 100% rate increases, lower energy costs, and improved quality. Steve frequently traveled with sales teams to present technical developments.


Steve started Fields of Gold Consulting LLC in 2010 and has been an active member of the Grains for Health Scientific Advisory Board. 

Areas of Focus

  • Baking

  • Beverages

  • Carbohydrate reduction

  • Carbohydrates

  • Coatings

  • Dispersion issues

  • Dry blend optimization

  • Dry packaged desserts

  • Emulsifiers

  • Emulsions

  • Extrusion

  • Fats / oils

  • Fiber

  • Flavor carrier optimization

  • Flavor chemistry

  • Flavor delivery and optimization

  • Flavor optimization

  • Flavors

  • Food microstructure control

  • Food polymer science

  • Gums

  • Mixing issues

  • Off-flavors

  • Problem solving

  • Product development

  • RTE cereal coating optimization
    and appearance control

  • Stability issues

  • Starch expertise

  • Water activity

  • Whipped toppings


In engaging with clients, our policy is to first discuss their needs on a complimentary basis and then assess and recommend the best approach. We are flexible in adapting to clients’ needs. Below are some of the ways in which we have structured engagements:


  • Project Basis
    We look at the problem and develop an action plan for new product development or solving the issue at hand. We then give provide a time estimate required to complete the project.

  • Entrepreneurial Basis
    We work with a client on a day-by-day basis to complete the task at hand. A single day may be spread over a longer time period to completion. We can help assess what a client needs to get to market and also help in planning for manufacturing and distribution.

  • Retainer Basis
    We work against a monthly retainer fee, where we operate in a “scientist- on-call” capacity.

  • Equity Basis
    We work with a combination equity/cash arrangement. 


On-Site Labs

Fields of Gold Consulting’s labs are equipped for all types of baking, dry mixing, beverage development, and cereal /snack coating operations. We continually add new equipment and capabilities. Additionally, we have a large network of highly-vetted affiliated resources to draw on for our engagements, if necessary. 


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